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Welcome to Dtec Shop

Dtec International has since 1996 been advising and working with blue chip companies and government organisations on screening and detection methods. Dtec supplies many different types of detection equipment and is proud to be the sole distributor in the UK and Ireland for the Securetec range of instant-readout disposable drug detection products, namely DrugWipe, DrugID and D.TecT. Dtec is also a leading workplace distributor for Drager police specification breathalysers. These market leading devices are used extensively in the UK, Europe and around the world. DrugWipe is the global leader for police road side driver drug screening and used extensively for safety critical employee drug testing.

Be reassured that with Dtec you are not just internet shopping, but will be browsing the best equipment available in its class and receive the best and safest advice from one of the longest standing and most experienced consultancies in the country.
Drug Screeners
There are many methods to screen for illegal drugs and the right choice critically depends upon:-
What you are looking to find or seeking to prove,
What period of time do you want to look back at,
The list of the correct drugs and the sensitivity,
Finally but very importantly, the ease of use.

Dtec offers a simple but incredibly thorough in-house screening solution when testing safety critical employees as part of a drug and alcohol policy.

Any non-negative screening results must go through a suitably matching and fully legally defensible confirmation method.

Please click the photo to see our recommended products for use in time tested procedures.

Alcohol screening breathalysers
The latest generation breathalysers have digital read outs, passive and dynamic measurement options and even use Home Office approved technology. New pricing means you can't ignore the value of a proper breathalyser giving the same result as the police!

The 6 month recalibration means they stay accurate so can be used for employee screening and are accepted as confirmation for disciplinary hearings, protecting your company in the unlikely event of arbitration.

Please click the photo to see our recommended products for use in time tested procedures.
Drug & Alcohol Package Deals
To make the starting of workplace Drug and Alcohol screening as simple as possible, Dtec have created a Package Deal route. This allows you to quickly purchase the minimum necessary components to create a policy, take training, buy stock and start screening on your own premises. This is the simplest level of protection for company managers and directors from the Health and Safety at Work legislation and for the Corporate Manslaughter Act which expect to see not just the Drug & Alcohol policy but also most importantly, the implementation of the policy.

Please click the photo to see our recommended products for use in time tested procedures.